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Mountain Bike Itineraries

The "Pineta" Itinerary

The Pineta Itinerary, whose whole length is of 8 km, has a reduced degree of difficulty and it suits especially those who prefer funny downhills.


The "Pascolo" Itinerary

This itinerary of 10 km, perfect for the families, rich of landscapes and alpine glimpses that are unique and unforgettable, it also offers the undeniable opportunity of a stop at the Ravina Châlet for a good plate of polenta and ready-sliced meat of the region.


"Alpi Bedretto Bike" itinerary

Avarage-hard excursion that goes through the Val Bedretto up to a marvelous high mountain path that offers a breathtaking panorama over both the valley and the pass of the St. Gotthard.