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The "Pascolo" itinerary

The Pascolo Itinerary starts at the Sasso della Boggia, located at 2066 m a.s.l., from where you can enjoy a magnificent view of the Saint-Gotthard Massif. The first part of this itinerary starts with a single trail track (1 km) in a naturalistic and breathtaking context; a union between pastures and mountains, a dazzling color green ready to guide you to Cassinello and then reach, on a dirt road, the Châlet in Ravina. Afterwards, continuing towards Nante, one crosses a striking forest and some farmhouses and then, from the center of this small town one returns to Airolo along a shared path with hikers.

This itinerary of 10 km, rich of landscapes and alpine glimpses that are unique and unforgettable, it also offers the undeniable opportunity of a stop at the Ravina Châlet for a good plate of polenta and ready-sliced meat of the region.

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