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One season pass for the Alta Leventina!

The novelty of this year is the introduction of the Teleferica Tremorgio in the summer season pass!

The cablecars then pass from two to three! You can hike to the top to discover the Val Piora and its alpine lakes with the historic Ritom funicular, or reach Pesciüm, on the other side of the valley, and set off to the north to discover the "Sentiero degli Alpi Bedretto" up to the Capanna del Corno Gries, and to the south, crossing the area of ​​Ravina and Garzonera, until you reach the Capanna Tremorgio and descend to Rodi-Fiesso or continue for other wonderful walks towards the Capanna Leit or Campo Tencia.

In addition, you can visit other beautiful mountains with a 50% discount on the return ticket in the partner stations of:

- Bergbahnen Beckenried-Emmetten AG, Beckenried (NW), www.klewenalp.ch

- Cardada Impianti Turistici SA, Orselina www.cardada.ch

- Funivia Monte Carasso - Mornera, Monte Carasso, www.mornera.ch

- Funivia Pizzo di Claro SA, Lumino www.funivia-pizzodiclaro.ch

- Sattel Hochstuckli AG, Sattel (SZ), www.sattel-hochstuckli.ch


Until 23.05.2018                         Rates from 24.05.2018

Adults        100.-*                       120.-*

Family        150.-*                       170.-*

Company    230.-*                       260.-*

* Every KeyCard costs Fr. 3.-.

Buying the company season pass the company, that is regularly registered in the commercial register, will receive two key cards that can be used by company's staff. 

How you can buy the season pass

Are you interested in the summer season pass Ritom-Piora & Airolo-Pesciüm?
Download the form (available here below) and fill it in. You can:
- hand over the form at the ticket office
- send the form by e-mail or by fax
- send the forma by mail to: Valbianca SA, CP 145, CH-6780 Airolo.


You can then proceed with the payment (at the end of ths explanation you will find the form with bank data, whereas the IBAN code can be found in the request-form here above). If you prefer you can also pay it cash at the ticket office.

After the payment we will send you your season pass.