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The summer season is over.

Winter season 2017-2018

We are waiting for a big snowfall, that would make it possible to open our ski resort.

Official opening (depending on snow conditions):
Daily form December 16th, 2017 to April 8th, 2018.

Pre-selling of the Ski Card Leventina

From September the 22nd you can order the Ski Card Leventina for the season 2017-18 from fr. 285.-
The pre-sale will last until November the 10th, 2017


Caution: between 5pm and 8am the situation may not correspond with the real one, but with the expected one. Because of the possible nocturnal precipitations and the morning weather conditions, the situation might undergo some changes. Check please the updated bulletin starting from 8am.

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Apertura ufficiale della stagione invernale

Sat 16 December

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