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Season Pass Ski Card Leventina

Together with the ski stations of Lüina, Carì, Cioss Prato, Dalpe and Prato Leventina, Airolo Pesciüm offers to its customers the possibility to buy a unique pass for all these six resorts in Leventina.

Family is composed of one or two parents and their children (0-15 age).

Facilitation with the Leventina Ski Card

50% discount * per day in the ski areas:

  • SkiArena Andermatt-Sedrun
  • Disentis
  • Klewenalp-Stockhütte
  • Sattel-Hochstuckli
  • Flüelen-Eggberge
  • Bosco Gurin
  • Campo Blenio
  • Cardada
  • Nara
  • Valmalenco (Italia)

* Discount calculated on a daily full price

50% di sconto

  • When buying a standing entry HCAP

10% di sconto

Keep fit throughout the Ticino with the Leventina Ski Card

* The discount can not be combined with other offers and / or promotions

How to buy the season pass Ski Card Leventina

To buy the season pass Leventina, please download and fill the form below.

Please send the form to cable car Airolo by e-mail, by Post or by fax, otherwise bring it directly to the cable car cash-desk. The season pass has to be picked up at the ticket window, prior to exhibition of the payment's receipt. If you prefer you can pay cash at the ticket office. Please bring your photo with you and eventual documents.

In November, the ticket office would be open every Friday from 09 am to 04 pm. From Saturday the 15th December every day during the operating hours.

Pre-selling of the Ski Card Leventina

If you buy a season ski card before November the 30th, 2018, you will get a discount.

You will find more information here: