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Walking routes in the Leventina region

The name of the valley derives from "Lepontina", the valley the "Leponti" people lived in, before the Romans arrived.  Traces of the Romans in this area include the small necropolis discovered recently in Madrano. The history of the valley is linked to the history of the St Gotthard mountain pass.

The Leventina valley, that stretches for 50 kilometres, from the St Gotthard mountain to the gentle plains covered in vineyards that are just 300 metres a.s.l., is in the heart of the Alps and is the point connecting northern and southern Europe. The St Gotthard pass is a triple connection between German switzerland and Europe - it has a road in the pass (open in the summer) and an impressive rail and car tunnel, one of the longest in the world. The Leventina Valley has plenty to offer - it is a unique valley with a fantastic natural environment and amazing landscape.  It is easy to reach and is one the best places in the world to live in. Immense pinewoods enrich the air with oxygen, making this area particularly suitable for entertainment and sports activities. In the summer, there is lots of sun, light, luscious vegetation and water, whereas in the winter there are enchanting pale blue and white snowy slopes. There are over 600 km of walking routes and many provide unforgettable walks through natural parks. The valley - which is divided into Lower, Middle and Upper Leventina - is made up of 21 municipalities.