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Airolo per caso (Airolo by chance)

The "Airolo per Caso" project consists in the development and production of a flyer/information leaflet designed for people who end up in "Airolo by chance", i.e. who come to Airolo without having programmed or arranged a visit (there are a number of reasons this could happen, such as traffic jams at the southern entrance of the tunnel, car break down, unplanned stop...).

People often wonder what to do as they wait in Airolo. Although the town has plenty to offer, it is sometimes difficult to tell people exactly where to go.

The aim is to create a flier/map showing easily accessible walking paths (such as the Airolo-Albinasca-Fontana route that leads to the other side of the mountain, or the route inaugurated by school children).

Ultimately, the aim of the project is to "look after" and "entertain" travellers passing through the town and to turn them into tourists that love the Leventina valley...

The annex contains a draft of the project idea. Interested parties are kindly requested to go to the link "Airolo per caso" Meeting and propose a date for a meeting to develop the project.

Once the registration has closed, I will contact all the registered members and inform them of the final date of the meeting.

Thank you.
Daphne Darani

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