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Airolo Council Library

New library services and events

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General information

The Council Library of Airolo was opened with the aim of stimulating reading and the interest in books in our municipality.

There are currently about 7000 books for adults, children and teenagers, as well as books by local authors and books containing specific information.

Library users can now access the Internet free of charge on the recently-bought computer.

To stimulate interest in culture, conferences open to public and reading evenings for adults are organised on a regular basis.

The library is on the first floor of the council school and is open to residents and to tourists who occasionally reside in the municipality.

Opening hours

Tuesday              16.30 - 17.30
Friday                18.00 - 19.00

Wednesdays    17.30 - 19.00

Area for children

There is a special "children's corner" in the library, designed to help children feel comfortable with books.
This includes the books of the "Born to read" initiative, designed for pre-school children.

Loan fee

A 60-cent fee applies to all loans of books for adults. children's books are subject to a 30-cent loan fee.
To become library members a library card (6 franks) must be bought. The card entitles to 10 books for adults and 20 for children.
Books are loaned for two months.


The library is managed by a committee made up of

  • Mr Fabio Fransioli    President (Council office for culture)
  • Debora Schenal        Secretary
  • Katja Wolfisberg        Member
  • Giuliana Eusebio        Member
  • Eliane L├Ąchlin-Pedrini        Member
  • Raffaella Rottigni        Member
  • Laura Gabutti           Member