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Alpine Skiing & Snowboarding

This winter the skiing facilities of Airolo - Pesciüm will reopen normally.
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Also the skiing facility of Lüina will be operating. These facilities are easy to reach (a 2-minute drive from the motorway exit of Airolo) and offer the chance to ski, to go snow boarding, to play in the snow and with sleighs.

The Scuola Svizzera di Sci Airolo [Airolo Swiss Skiing School] in Lüina gives skiing lessons to individual learners and groups. skiing equipment can be rented from here.  The young skiing champion Lara Gut started training on the Lüina ski runs.

The skiing facilities of Cioss Prato are in the lovely, very wintery Bedretto Valley. In this family-run facility, parents can supervise their children as they ski in the wild environment of the valley.

Cioss Prato, which is suitable for Alpine skiing, is also ideal for fantastic outings on snowshoes.

Prato Leventina is suitable for Alpine skiing as well.